Find the best knitting patterns collection by knitting with love and learn how to knit for women, man, babies clothes.

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Pink Cardigan

Diy & Crafts Pink Cardigan for our sweety girls.

5 December 2018, 22:40


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Women Coat

Diy & Crafts SKILL LEVEL 3 FINISHED SIZE S Instructions given fit 32-34-inchbust (small); changes for 36–38-inchbust (medium), 40-42-inchbust (large) a

5 December 2018, 22:36


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Diy & Crafts ELIZABETH STITCH Start by chaining multiples of 2 + 4 to the desired length. Row 1: Insert your hook into the 4th chain from the hook and

5 December 2018, 22:34


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Knit Beaded

Diy & Crafts A Bracelet with a crocheted Border A piece of jewellery chain is decorated with charms and a crocheted border made with a piece of polyest

5 December 2018, 22:27


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Baby Cardigan

Diy & Crafts There is not much information about this part. But It seems nice I will try to make it and finish if you want, you can do this for your bab

5 December 2018, 22:25


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Knit Stitch Patterns

Diy & Crafts KNIT AND PURL STITCH PATTERNS Combinations of these two knitting techniques, the knit and purl stitch, create an infinite number of texture

5 December 2018, 22:19


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Learn to Crochet Jasmine Stitc

Diy & Crafts Good evening everybody, welcome to our wonderful and beautiful world of crochet. Today we are going create it rather more interesting and p

5 December 2018, 22:40


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Diy & Crafts We added this beautiful beanie for your kids. You can easily learn this beanie from the following videos. #Beanie , #Cap http://kn

5 December 2018, 22:35


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Stylish Booties

Diy & Crafts Stylish booties through the finger Kind time of the day. We begin to knit here such pinets. In occasion of practicality are absolutely not

5 December 2018, 22:32


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Making Blanket

Diy & Crafts We have prepared a very nice project for you to evaluate the fabrics left at home. We cut the fabrics into equal squares and prepare them.

5 December 2018, 22:26


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Blanket for newborns

Diy & Crafts Learn how to knit blankets for newborns. I happened to knit a plaid of cotton yarn. Plaid on the statement "Сream" The

5 December 2018, 22:24


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Pink Baby Bootie

Diy & Crafts I share with you very stylish shoes that will keep your baby's feet warm during the cold winter days.

5 December 2018, 22:17


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Pink Grey Baby Blanket

Diy & Crafts are not they very nice to you ? This lovely and unique crochet baby blanket would make a lovely gift for the little one in your life or lo

5 December 2018, 22:39


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Crochet Pattern Model

Diy & Crafts For those of you wondering how to make a crochet sample, we will offer you very good narrative video narration. Tunisian work can also be s

5 December 2018, 22:35


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Connecting With Parts

Diy & Crafts Tying the edge of the crochet and connecting it with parts of fabric or leather.

5 December 2018, 22:30


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Baby Bootie

Diy & Crafts These cute little T-bar shoes have been knitted using lovely Sirdar wool blend yarn in silver grey. They are fastened with mottled brown

5 December 2018, 22:25


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Collar and Hair Band

Diy & Crafts A super versatile recipe with multiple functions. size 50 cm x 18 cm Sample 5 cm = 8 sts in bar point 1 × 1 Note: This

5 December 2018, 22:20


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Pretty Flip Flops

Diy & Crafts What we have here is a wonderful tutorial provided by Lentomaniya. This is a great website with a lot of great content to take a look at. Today I

5 December 2018, 22:14


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